Is it 2012 yet? Por Dulce Xerach

En América del Norte creen que realmente Internet está cambiando e incrementando el poder de los ciudadanos sobre las causas comunes y políticas de la sociedad, pero ¿qué opinamos nosotros en el sur de Europa?

«We all know how the Internet is enhancing the power of citizens to band together to take action around common causes. And these days you can hardly spend more than a few minutes online before you bump into some campaign led by consumers taking on a company, demanding changes and often getting them.
But what if while all this is going on, a deeper power shift is under way that is quietly tilting the playing field towards anyone with the money and motive to manipulate web users by collecting all kinds of data about them and then assiduously targeting people in ways they’re barely aware of?
That’s just one of the big questions I’m looking forward to covering on this Thursday’s PDPlus call with Joseph Turow, author of the valuable new book, «The Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth.»
Turow’s book is an inside guide to all the ways ad networks track your behavior online, what they do with that data, and how this is not only undermining the old wall between business and editorial (to the detriment of editorial independence), how it is subtly segregating the online public into «targets» and «waste.» You may not realize it, but your online experience–the ads you see and the stories sites serve you–may be targeted based on an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of who you are. On this call, we’ll discuss:
-What are the most basic things an ordinary web user should worry about, in terms of how their personal information is being collected online?
-What if someone doesn’t care if they’re being profiled surreptitiously? Why is this still a worrisome development?
-How are publishers being affected by this trend–how is the weakening the wall between editorial and business?
-How are political campaigns using online targeting tools and ad networks?»*


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